Chapter 1

Descendants of early Dutch colonists arrived in Falls Village in the Northwest of Colonial Connecticut in the early 1700’s. Shortly after, high grade iron ore was found. With its discovery the population grew and in 1738 the Colony’s General Assembly formally named the 52 sq. mile territory, Canaan.

Chapter 2

John Watson of Norfolk, CT married Sarah Douglas of Canaan in 1771. Soon after having their first child the new family moved to Sarah’s home town where John served in public office and purchased a parcel of farm land just outside the center of town on a hill lush with apple trees.

Chapter 3

With the colonist taking up arms against the English tyranny, John served as a Captain in Burrall’s Regiment and was shot in the Siege of Fort St John in 1775. Returning home to Canaan to recover, John constructed from the local oak and chestnut trees, a grand structure, built in the earliest style of American barns with gunstock posts and scribe mated beams.

Unlike Any Other