Chapter 1

In 1635 Rev. Peter Hobart emigrated with a collection of families from Hingham, England and named their new town in Massachusetts after their old English home.  Within the group of colonists was a boy, about 10 years old named Samuel Stowell.

Chapter 2

By the mid 1700’s sixth generations of the Stowell Family had fanned out across the New England and New York.  On Februrary 15, 1780 John Stowell was born in Walpole, NH to parents David Stowell and Molly Hodgkins.  Over the course of the next twenty years while residing in VT, David and Molly had three more sons: Henry, born July 26, 1792; Stephen, born September 22, 1797 and William, born February 28, 1800.

Chapter 3

On June 18, 1812, the United States President James Madison signed into law Congresses’ Declaration of War against Great Britain — the War of 1812 had begun. Called into action to fight against the British tyranny were the four Stowell brothers.  After aiding in the decisive United States win at the Battle of Plattsburg, the brothers headed south on the way back home through New York.  However they never managed to make the turn east to Vermont and settled in the newly formed town of Schroon, NY.

Unlike Any Other